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What Can I Expect from Participating in Expressive Arts?

Any Expressive Art form (including Intuitive Painting) will call on you to attend to your inner experience while creating.  Rather than setting expectations for the final product, a particular look or any specific result - it is the process of expressing yourself via the art form that is the goal.  The real take away from this experience will not be an art piece (although you may treasure yours), but the chance to step out of your regular way of showing up in the world. You will be encouraged to express your creativity by following a sense of what you're drawn to (whether color, shape or image).  It offers you the practice of growing your creative self in a judgement-free zone. You will be gifting yourself the chance to move beyond self-limiting beliefs (whether it's not being good enough, not being "perfect," taking up too much time or space,  not being allowed to take time for yourself or whatever!). 

Some people describe it as "Meditation with a Paintbrush."

When you experience it, you more fully experience yourself.