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Participants of the workshops are saying:

"not an artist"

I am not an artist or even good at drawing. This workshop allows one to let go of all rules and create what your intuition wants you to. I pleasantly surprised myself and simultaneously confirmed that when artificial rules are relaxed, creativity can blossom.

"no judgement"

Lisa held space for us to get grounded, in our bodies and to explore our creativity freely within community. The session felt safe, fun, warm and well structured. Lisa has such an inclusive, calm, open presence. I felt held and free to be myself without judgement.

"enhance creativity"

Lisa provided a unique experience that allowed me to tap in to part of myself that usually receives very little attention. I’m looking forward to additional experiences to extend and enhance my creativity, self-awareness, and playfulness.  - AMP


Lisa invited us into a beautiful, safe place to let go and explore our creativity without judgement.


I had so much fun playing and I look forward to joining her class again. - Angie B

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