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Virtual Sessions

Hey!  If you've signed up to take a Zoom session, you may want to check out the suggested supply list.  You are free to make any substitutions you already have at home.  This should not be a big expense - kid's supplies work just fine.  It also can be helpful to have cheaper supplies so you don't worry about "wasting" them.

To have ready for session:

*Container of Water (for rinsing)

*Plate or plastic tray to hold/mix paint (palette works if you have one)

*Kid's paint:  acrylic or tempera  (with a minimum of:  red, yellow, blue, white,  black)



*Sponge wedges (make-up sponges)

*Paper you already have, whether pulled from your printer or lined school paper.

If you have the resources, a heavier mixed-media paper would be helpful.


Locate at Michaels/AC Moore/Target or use links to order from Amazon:

Wedges for $3.47



Acrylic:  12 Paints & 3 Paintbrushes (0.4 fl oz each) for $6.99

Acrylic:  15 Paints & 3 Paintbrushes   (0.4 fl oz each) for $8.99


More Paint:

Tempera: 12 Paints (2 fl oz each) for $16.99


Splurge! :

Tempera+Glitter(!):   8 Paints + Paintbrushes + Heavy Paper + Palette for $24.95

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