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I recently attended a workshop with Lisa.  Lisa embodies warmth, love and joy in every aspect of her being.  She is a true healer and her presence is grounding and calming.  I guarantee that you will feel more whole and connected with yourself after one of her workshops.

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Lisa's loving, compassionate, joyful demeanor creates a safe haven for deep personal exploration and creative fun abandon.  Her laugh is infectious and her hands are magic!

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Lisa has such a gentle, loving and deeply compassionate nature about her.  She just invites you to relax and let down your defenses while she takes care of you and the space around you. 


She is a powerful healer and patient listener.

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I left feeling more connected to myself as bits are drawing closer toward cohesion.

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Lisa's leadership is outstanding.  From the moment I entered the room, I felt welcomed by her attention to detail that made each student feel special.  Lisa's voice was calming and confident as she guided us in our journey.  Lisa's loving, compassionate energy left me feeling rested and re-energized.



Lisa provided all the elements to create a setting which allowed a beautiful embodiment for personal vision.  I loved Lisa's tender compassion - she has a lovely way of grounding and centering.  I left with a sense of completion which I am grateful for.



Lisa has a gift for bringing me deep into communion with parts of myself that rarely get a chance to speak up, and she holds the space in such a way that I feel safe going deep.  There's a solidity to Lisa, a grounding energy that lets me know I won't be left alone or lost.



Lisa is an absolute expert when it comes to creating experiences for healing.  She is caring, compassionate and gentle.  At the same time she brings joy, filling the room with delight and laughter.



Lisa provided the group with a safe and nourishing container within which to bloom and explore and feel deeply into ourselves.  Her love and generosity came through.  Solid as a rock, sweet and strong.  Love and appreciate your offering, humor and presence.

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Lisa is a loving, confident and nurturing leader.  Sparkly and joyful, she exudes a grounded, gentle wisdom.  She has a healing touch and a super power of reverberating walls with waves of laughter.  



Lisa's workshop was a special mix of fun, softness and being taken care of with her big heart.  I loved your workshop!  

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