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How can Creating Art be Good for the Soul?

On the surface it may seem counter-intuitive that art-making has anything to do with spirituality. But to be a person is to be unique, and therefore, original and creative.

How often do you recognize the

spark of your own originality?

If you’re like me, perhaps your focus has been on the outer world of right appearances and people-pleasing. And you may get a lot of “good person" credit from those around you, (not to mention the credit you give yourself). These external referents might become “proof" of your personal value. In my own process of trying to be good and always please others, I became stuck. Where was I, what was my purpose & passion, if I lived my life focusing on doing things others pre-approved of? I began to find that the requirement for developing my soul was letting go of an extreme external focus. By listening closely for the still, small voice (that doesn’t care about any one’s opinion, including my own!), I began to invite the mystery in soul work and found expressive arts.

Creative practice, under open, non-judgmental conditions, allows us to call forth from this reservoir of our own originality, this gift of being a person. There are no prerequisites, no courses or technical skills required to express this creativity. Through the expressive art process you learn to not pay (nearly so much) attention to outward appearances. By letting go of external references and tending to an inner experience, you are able to foster and unearth more of the essence of your soul. Whether you are seeking a deeper spiritual connection, personal healing or simply a break from the pressure of external conditioning, come try it out! You will be supported in YOUR process to grow as a fuller, one-of-a-kind person. I hope you will try it out sometime soon! - Lisa

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