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Starry Sky

by Special Invite Only

Starry Sky

Feeling like you need a little more breathing room from regular life?  


You have been invited to add-on to your upcoming Expressive Art Workshop by spending a night at Lisa's home on either Friday or Saturday night.  The only other family member there will be her dog, Tilly. 🐾 


If you attend a Saturday workshop, you can spend Friday or Saturday night.

If you attend a Sunday workshop, you can spend Saturday night.


NOTE:  You must reserve your space by registering for the workshop (links are above in orange boxes) and texting/emailing Lisa about spending the night.  [717-982-2216]

There are 6 spaces for the workshops and 4 spaces for the sleep-over (each night).  

===========================DAILY OPTIONS FOR SCHEDULE: ===========================


         5:30 pm - Meet for Dinner Out (night before @ Hoolihan's in Hershey)

         7:30 pm - Hang-Out, Quiet Time &/or Movie   - *SPEND THE NIGHT (bring your pillow)

         8:30 am - Breakfast Out (@ Hershey Bistro - 5 mins away or bring)

10 am - 4 pm  - EXPRESSIVE ART WORKSHOP (bring a Lunch)

         5:30 pm - Meet for Dinner Out (night after@ Hoolihan's in Hershey)

*For Introverts there are 2 bedrooms available

  For Extroverts there are 2 roomy, comfortable sofas.  

  For dog-lovers, cuddles will likely be readily available.  

  There are 2.5 bathrooms.

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