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Feel Your Art Studio: Limited to 5

Free Spirit Yoga: Limited to 10 


$40 (introductory rate)

Come see how Yoga Practices & Intuitive Painting blend together to create an enriching, personal practice. 

No Art or Yoga Experience is needed, and the yoga practices can be adapted to any body type.

You will always be encouraged to do or not do what feels right to you.


We will begin the workshop with a gentle, activating yoga flow.


Through this process, you will be welcomed into a "no-judgment zone" to express your innate creativity.


Open to the possibility of being playful and engaging in non-product oriented activities. There will be opportunities for sharing in a circle format to deepen the process. 


We will end the workshop with a restorative yoga practice.

Allow yourself this time to quiet your mind, connect with your body and explore your inner creative self! 


BRING: water bottle, yoga mat (if available), & a bagged lunch.

WEAR: stretchy, layered clothing that can tolerate a splash or two of paint (it is washable!).

Painting aprons will be on hand.